The Kleenex® brand was launched as a disposable cleansing tissue. They just weren't sure what it would be used to clean. They made a connection between the tissue's properties and the growing use of cosmetics by American women. The tissues could be a clean, convenient replacement for the unsightly "cold cream towel" that hung in many bathrooms.

The tissue was trademarked "Kleenex®" and went on the market in 1924 as a cold cream or makeup remover, a disposable substitute for face towels. Next step, Kleenex was available in every household of America and rest of the world.

Kleenex® was first introduced to this part of the world in 1955 when Olayan's distributor had started importing Kleenex® tissue paper from Kimberly-Clark USA. Later, individual manufacturing agreements were made to produce Kleenex® tissues locally.

The Olayan/Kimberly-Clark relationship advanced to a new level in 1994, when the joint venture partners opened a paper mill in Bahrain. The ultra-modern plant not only supplies feedstock to the tissue-converting operation in Saudi Arabia, but also exports tissue hard rolls elsewhere in the Gulf and beyond.

Today Kleenex® is the market leader selling largest range of Facial tissues in this market. It is the most premium brand in market with tissues made of complete softness and appropriate strength to use, therefore the brand message clearly defines its role, comforting you.

Millions of households in Saudi Arabia and other countries proudly own our tissues for their daily usage. Now it's your turn, if you haven't tried Kleenex® until now then don't stay behind start using Kleenex® from today…