Kitchen Towels Premium

Kleenex® Viva® DURAMAX® with a revolutionary V-FLEX texture technology ensures deep cleaning on ALL surfaces. DURAMAX® is highly DURABLE, extra STRONG, and SUPER ELASTIC whether it is dry or wet, or even with most common detergents. Its large sheets are great for the big jobs on all surfaces around your home.

1 roll with 94 large sheets.

Kleenex® Viva® Kitchen Towels are now re-usable! Designed with Hydroknit Technology to guarantee increased strength and absorbency of every towel you can rinse and use it again and again!

1 roll with 56 towels.

Kleenex® Tips

For the heavy duties around the house use try the new Kleenex® DURAMAX®.

Use Kleenex® Reusable towels for all the tough challenges you face in kitchen for up to 5 times per sheet. It's odor free too.