Multi Purpose


Ideal for everyday use around your kitchen.

Whether you need to wipe off the surfaces, clean occasional spills or just dry pots and pans, Kleenex® Viva® Multi Purpose kitchen towel has your back. One sheet truly does it all!


1 BIG roll with 90 sheets in total.

2 rolls with 110 sheets in total.

4 BIG rolls with 360 sheets in total.

4 rolls with 220 sheets in total.

8 rolls with 320 sheets in total.

Kleenex® Tips

Wash your hands before and throughout cooking. To do it right, use soap and warm water for 20 seconds. This is the recommended amount of time to get your hands clean. It is also important to dry your hands with a clean, fresh towel. You can use Kleenex Kitchen towel to do so. 

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