Toilet Tissue

At Kleenex® we are committed to deliver outstanding quality tissue to help you and your family feel clean and confident.

Kleenex® Dry Soft is our No. 1 for softness.

Produced with natural materials and "embossing" high production technology it gives you the clean pampered feel you deserve.

Kleenex® Extra Dry is our No. 1 for absorbency.

To provide you with the best bathroom experience we have developed 50% thicker tissue for a better dry. Try Kleenex No. 1 tissue in absorbency.

Kleenex® Tips

To achieve the ultimate clean feeling follow a 2 step cleaning ritual after using a toilet:

Step 1. Wash well with water. 

Step 2. Use toilet paper to dry for the ultimate and hygienic clean. 

Do not forget to wash your hands using soap before you leave the bathroom.